Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009

Luckily Kevin was feeling much better this morning so we all got to spend time during our one morning session we had with Nathaniel. He was all smiley this morning when Kev got him out of his crib, probably because he knew a little sponge bath was in his immediate future. He had a lot of corn in his morning porridge mixture this morning.

He was happy cruising around in his walker for quite a bit. He seemed to be really happy to have his Daddy back, as he kept staring at Kevin and smiling. He made a lot of new noises today, and was even talking in his crib first thing. He was back to being a drool machine so maybe a new tooth is on the horizon.

He was quite verbal today and let us know when he wanted to be held. The morning session flew by, with Irina spending some time playing with Nate and being a great big sister by sharing toys with him.

It is surprising how clean the city is today. Yesterday was a mandatory cleaning here in Karaganda and it looks wonderful. What a difference a day of cleaning makes! Today we are eating at our usual cafe and are going to spend the afternoon walking around the big park so Irina can run around. She is missing her friends and has even asked to email one. Short post for today-thanks so much for all of the great emails and responses!!!!!!!!

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