Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 6, 2009

Irina was first to greet our smiling baby this morning. She is really taking to being a big sister. One thing that we really had to adjust to at Irina’s baby house was how fast they fed the babies. With 13-14 kids in a room and usually only 2 caregivers, they have to get all the babies fed and changed quickly but it was unbelievable to us. Nathaniel’s caregivers put out his porridge bowl and his bottle on a highchair on the other side of the room from where they are feeding the other babies and haven’t said anything to us about the way we feed him. He has really slowed down in his eating and now takes his time. He likes to watch everything going on in the room as he is eating. We can’t wait to give him some Cheerios or little rice puffs to eat! We don’t want to upset his normal routine and diet here so we’ll wait until we are with him in Almaty for our second trip to bring him home.

He spent quite awhile in his walker today and had fun zooming around the room. He was drooling a lot again today and was chomping down on all of his toys; maybe a seventh tooth is on the horizon. The music teacher came for music class today and entertained everyone in the room. It really is a fun time when she comes in! It was funny yesterday because one of the translators called “Zeitchik” and Laura turned around right away. She was talking about a rabbit but it was instinct to turn around when I heard my maiden name. She was just as confused as I was and then we realized what she was talking about and why I went to answer her. It was funny! Nate really liked the Zeitchik (bunny) song today and clapped along with Kevin.
We came home for lunch today and were quite startled when we tried opening our front door and a lady popped her head out of our apartment. It turns out she is the cleaning lady but did we have a shock! About ten minutes before we were supposed to be outside for our driver, we got a phone call saying that a man was coming to fix our oven, which hasn’t worked since we’ve been here. He kept talking to us in Russian and we finally realized that he wanted matches to light the gas oven. We didn’t have any so he left and came back a few minutes later. We didn’t know how to tell him that he had to leave so that we wouldn’t be late for our afternoon session so we were a few minutes late. We are still without a working oven…

This afternoon we gave Nate a quick sponge bath after feeding him and started to play with him. His doctor told us that after she listened to his chest, we could take him outside. We waited for about an hour before she returned. He was quite content chilling out and chewing on his toys. When it was time to go outside, Kevin and Irina put him in his little snowsuit and Irina took his hat. They started downstairs to put their shoes on to go outside. Laura had to fix one of his socks and got an earful in Russian about taking him outside without a hat. It was no use trying to explain that Irina had one downstairs for him. One of the caregivers decided that the blue snowsuit was a little too small and that he should wear a pink one so she changed him and we finally got to go outside. Nathaniel is so calm when we go outside; it’s like he’s just absorbing everything around him. He and Kevin went on the swings for awhile and Irina had a great time running around and going on the playground equipment.

We tried a new place after our afternoon session in order to access our blog and check email. We have been frequenting the same places and wanted to find somewhere new. There is a place called Johnny Walker Pub just a little walk from our apartment. We went in and ordered some things, including carrot juice that Irina wanted to try (she wasn’t too keen on it) and quickly realized that we couldn’t access any sites that required us to log-in. It was a little frustrating. We are hoping that one of our translators will be able to help us with our modem problem when she comes this evening.

We don’t have our court date yet but are going to get papers notarized on Wednesday (we will have been here 2 weeks) and a date should be assigned then. Hopefully it will be the following Wednesday. We can finalize our tickets home when we get that date.

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